Ioana Marins

New Energy Events
Director - Business Development, Hydrogen & Decarbonization

Ioana Marins currently serves as the Director of Business Development, Hydrogen & Decarbonization at New Energy Events, where she leads the development and commercialization of hydrogen and decarbonization programs. In this role, Ioana fosters partnerships with global stakeholders to accelerate hydrogen economies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her notable projects include the Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean, The H2-Caribbean Forum, H2Brazil, and the Hydrogen Training Series for Latin America and the Caribbean.

With over 15 years of cumulative experience in international project management, business communication, public relations, and media specialized in the energy sector, Ioana has worked across four continents, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. She has managed projects and teams across multiple countries, forging strategic government relations, closing partnerships with industry stakeholders, and organizing strategic events.
Ioana holds a Master’s degree in Business Communication and PR from the University of Economic Sciences, Romania, and a B.A. in Management from the same institution. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with proficiency in Romanian, and basic German, Ioana poses linguistic skills that enables her to navigate international business environments and foster cross-cultural collaborations.

Driven by a commitment to lifelong learning, Ioana endeavors to continually comprehend how to make substantial contributions to the global mission of decarbonizing the environment and advancing sustainability. Passionate about gender equality in the hydrogen sector, Ioana is dedicated to developing programs that foster opportunities for women in this emerging field.She actively shares knowledge and cultivates connections to empower women and champion inclusivity in the emerging hydrogen sector.