Gustavo Adolfo Cazal Bogarín

Vice Ministry of Mines and Energy, Paraguay
Director of Alternative Energies

He completed his university studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) – Technology Center – Rio de Janeiro-Brazil where he obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering.

He completed a postgraduate degree in “Economics and Environmental Energy Policy”: taught at the National University of Asunción by the Bariloche Foundation of Argentina.

Various specialization courses in energy efficiency, among which the following stand out: Specialization in Technologies for energy conservation in the MERCOSUR region: Kitakyushu/Tokyo – Japan in (2008) and “Creation of Energy Saving Policies: Training Center Shugoky/Hiroshima – Japan (2015)

He participated in the Cooperation Program between Italy and MERCOSUR – High Training of Leading Cadres of the MERCOSUR Countries: University of Rome “La Sapienza” and CIRPS Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainable Development of Rome. Internship in Rome and Brussels. With specialization in Energy and Environment.

He completed the International Diploma: Energy, Commerce and Environment Law, taught by the University of Heidelberg in Germany, the Heidelberg Center for Latin America, the California Western School of Law, and locally by the Center for Studies of Law, Economics and Policy –CEDEP– ( and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Contributed to publications such as: “Monitoring and Evaluation of Alternative Energy Source Projects” – Permanent Secretariat of MERCOSUR; Practical Guide to Savings and Energy Efficiency in the scope of the CNEE, among others.

Work experience:

He served as: Head of the Department of Conventional Energy in the Directorate of Energy Resources of the Cabinet of the Vice Minister of Mines and Energy- MOPC.

Then as: Director of the Directorate of Primary Energy Resources of the Cabinet of the Vice Minister of Mines and Energy of the MOPC.

With more than 20 years of experience in the energy area. He has represented Paraguay in international organizations such as the Latin American Energy Organization OLADE, SGT No. 9 Energy of MERCOSUR, Regional Energy Integration Commission (CIER), among others.

He was part of the technical team in studies such as: Green Hydrogen Route in Paraguay – Analysis of technical and economic aspects for the development of a hydrogen economy in Uruguay and Paraguay – The URUPABOL Gas Pipeline (gas integration project between Paraguay-Uruguay and Bolivia) – Base Development of Energy Efficiency Indicators for Paraguay financed by ECLAC.

He participated in several international seminars and conferences, as a participant and speaker.

Currently, he works as Director of Alternative Energies of the Vice Ministry of Mines and Energy – MOPC and Coordinates the National Energy Efficiency Committee.

Furthermore, he represents Paraguay in the Southern Energy Integration System (SIESUR) initiative and is a Representative of the MOPC before the National Commission on Climate Change (CNCC).