Geothermal Resources are Tremendous, Says Caribbean Roadmap Report

According to World Watch Institute’s newly released Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS) Baseline Assessment and Report, most CARICOM member states possess untapped geothermal resources, which could dramatically change the region by making member states renewable energy exporters. The report assesses the regional energy situation and makes suggestions for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate mitigation, with targets and next steps.
Investment risks, long lead-times, and economies of scale have hampered geothermal exploration in the Caribbean in the past, but several new initiatives indicate that some CARICOM members are close to overcoming these challenges. Although geothermal energy has been slow to develop in CARICOM, it offers tremendous opportunities for those member states with high resource potentials, and even for the region as a whole if it can benefit from opportunities for interconnection and trade.

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