Geothermal in the Southern Cone: The New Frontier?

From our Editorial Team

To set the stage for the 6th Geothermal Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean on November 17-18 in Santiago, Chile, New Energy Events gathered experts from the region to discuss the future for geothermal in Chile and Argentina.

The webinar “Geothermal in the Southern Cone: The New Frontier?” was held on June 13, 2019. To watch this complimentary webinar now click here.

Despite the existence of a substantial resource in both countries, only one project – Cerro Pabellón in Chile – has made it to market. Both governments, however, are placing a new emphasis on geothermal in their resource planning.

Webinar topics include:

  • How is that emphasis reflected in policy?
  • What are the terms of engagement for private sector investors?
  • How active are the DFIs and what programs are available to support the public and private sector in both markets?
  • Is there a future for direct use geothermal?


— Laura Berman, Senior Energy Specialist, The World Bank
— Jerónimo Carcelén – President, Geothermal Council of Chile (Moderator)
— Christiaan Gischler Blanco, Inter-American Development Bank, Senior Energy Specialist
— Gabriel Prudencio Flaño, Ministry of Energy – Chile, Head of Sustainable Energies Division
— Francisco José Martiínez-Conde Del Campo, Ministry of Energy, Chile, Head of Regulatory Support Unit, Sustainable Energies Division
— Gastón Siroit, Secretariat of Energy – Argentina, Director of Resources and Technology