Energy efficiency upgrades saves Jamaican business $.5 million monthly

A food and household product distribution company is saving over a half million dollars monthly thanks to energy efficiency upgrades and a solar system. The electricity bill, which previously ran between $1 million and $800,000 per month is now $280,000.

In addition to spraying the roof of its warehouse with foam and upgrading an out-dated air-conditioning system, the company also installed a 60 KW PV system. The cost of this project was paid back in savings in one year.

Business owner Chase Ramson also noted that the building’s cool temperature also increased worker productivity, staff moral and improves product shelf-life. As an added benefit, he added that the additions to the roof have strengthened it – “it makes it more hurricane resistant, and seals it so we no longer have leaking problems.”

Although the company produces enough electricity to sell back to JPS, it has not done so because of JPS’ net billing policy, which Ramson describes as restrictive and expensive.

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