El Salvador inaugurates its first EV charging station

The electricity distribution company El Salvador Delsur has inaugurated its first electric vehicle charging station in Santa Elena, El Salvador.

El Salvador Delsur is part of the EPM Group, the Public Services Company of Medellin, which also has branches in Guatemala, Panama, and Colombia.

This first charging station is fitted with a 220 V intermediary-type charger, said Roberto González, General Manager of Delsur.

At first, energy will be free, added Mr. González. After six months, the charging station’s cost efficiency will be re-evaluated and higher costs may be introduced. These will be payable through new and practical technologies, including payment through cellular devices.

Mr. González admitted that the task of increasing the presence of electric vehicles in the Salvadorian market was not easy due to high import taxes and the lack of charging stations. Delsur hopes to address the second challenge, and has plans to install two more EV charging stations to start building a charging network in the metropolitan zone.