El Salvador could triple geothermal capacity

El Salvador has the potential to produce 440 megawatts (MW) in addition to the 204 MW already obtained through geothermal energy, said yesterday the energy specialist of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Toshitaka Takeuchi. The one thing most needed is more investment in training.  Although the country is considered the leader in Latin America in terms of installed capacity, participating in geothermal energy with 25% of the national demand, Takeuchi indicated that geothermal experts in El Salvador are lacking. 

It is precisely in the search to increase knowledge in this area, that yesterday a course in geothermal energy was inaugurated that will instruct 23 scholars (13 nationals and 10 foreigners), who will be shown the Salvadoran experience. Young people will participate in the diploma course for five months at the University of El Salvador. Local and international teachers from Iceland, Germany, Italy and Chile will teach the students. The IDB finances this project with an investment of $ 2.2 million.