Deetken Impact Sustainable Energy announces its first investment in solar energy in Jamaica with Soléco Energy

Impact asset manager Deetken Impact Sustainable Energy (DISE), is thrilled to announce its first investment in solar energy in Jamaica.  An investment sponsored by woman-led Soléco Energy.  DISE’s investment is carried out through its two renewable energy managed Funds, H-REFF (Honduras Renewable Energy Financing Facility) and CABEF (Caribbean Basin Sustainable Energy Fund), that co-invest in Central America and the Caribbean.  Through a common equity investment in a Special Purpose Vehicle, the funds will finance solar PV distributed generation projects for commercial and industrial clients using long-term solar lease agreements.  The first 10-year, distributed generation, solar lease contract under this new venture has been secured with a large vertically integrated poultry business in Jamaica.  Other established and important companies in Jamaica are in the pipeline.