Cuba’s Future Looking Sunny with Solar Power

Savings of over half a million dollars in fossil fuel spending has motivated Cuba to further invest in renewable energy infrastructure projects. The Pinar 220 solar park near Pinar del Rio in western Cuba uses 12,080 PV panels, has fed almost 6 GW of electricity to Cuba’s national grid and generates an average of 12 MW per day. Buoyed by success from the Pinar park, 28 areas in the province have been identified as potential sites for solar parks. This year will see construction on two parks with a total generation capacity of 6.2 MW, and a park under contruction in Tronsco will provide 2.7 MW to the national grid. Director of investments in the electric company in charge of the plants, Michel Casal, is confident, saying that the Pinar facility “has been operating continuously and with a minimum level of maintenance work [and providing] almost 70 percent of the province’s energy needs.”

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