Cuba Summit By the Numbers: 200 Attendees, 80 Government Officials, 80 International Investors

New Energy Events and IJ Global have just returned from running an extraordinary event in Havana with Cuban partners at the Ministry of Energy & Mining, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Center for Renewable Technologies (MINEM). Over 80 government officials and 80 qualified international investors participated in an event which was squarely focused on opportunities for investment in Cuban renewables – and in the nascent gas industry. Particularly notable was the depth of the Cuban presentations and the level of transparency demonstrated by participating Cuban officials. A clear takeaway from the Summit is that, while issues remain around financing and risk management, Cuba is demonstrably committed to diversifying its energy matrix, committed to working with international investors – and committed to moving swiftly. New Energy Events and IJ Global will continue to work with Cuban government agencies to showcase opportunities for investment in Cuban renewables.

View event photos here.

A short video of the event is available here:

Cuba Energy & Infrastructure Summit from New Energy Events on Vimeo.