Scarlett Piantini Gil

Tetra Tech
LAC Senior Energy Expert

Scarlett Piantini Gil is an international energy consultant with eight years of experience, specializing in utility and sector improvement strategies, procurement and transaction advisory, and financial modeling. She has worked with a variety of donor clients (including USAID, the IDB and the WB), government entities and national electric utilities throughout LAC, as well as private energy companies. She has designed procurement guidelines, and recommended and implemented improvements to procurement processes throughout the LAC region. For example, in Suriname, she helped develop the country’s first electricity sector plan, which included designing procurement guidelines and protocols for renewable energy generation, and transferring knowledge to the potential contracting agencies in the sector. In the Dominican Republic she diagnosed the readiness to develop successful PPPs based on a gap assessment of the legal and regulatory environment, the maturity of the financial sector, and the institutional capacity to undertake best practice procurements and enter into competitive contracts. She has also supported procurement processes from deal origination in Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, and Mexico ranging from a US$5 million performance-based contract to a US$1.6 billion water and wastewater system concession. She has published and presented on energy sector challenges, PPP challenges, utility turnaround and financing sector development. Ms. Piantini holds a master’s degree from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and speaks English, Spanish and French.