Neha Mukhi

The World Bank
Senior Energy and Climate Change Specialist

Neha Mukhi is a Senior Specialist – Energy and Climate Change at the World Bank based in Washington, DC working on sustainable energy solutions. Neha leads WB’s work in the Caribbean region on renewables and resilience. Currently, she is leading the collaboration with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank ECCB to develop innovative financial solutions to mobilize private capital for renewable energy development in the region. She also leads the effort in the region to enhance traditional integrated resource planning approaches in power systems to render them more ‘climate resilient’. She is now building Bank engagement to support countries on long-term climate and development strategies through economy-wide approaches. Neha has worked on clean energy investments and strategies in the Caribbean, East Asia and South Asia. Neha has an M.S. in Energy and Climate Policy from Harvard University and B.Engg. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.