Jason Fisher


Jason has 11 years’ experience as a geologist, 5 of which in the geothermal industry. Jason has worked in various roles in the geothermal industry including logging geologist and consultant.

As a geothermal logging geologist, He collected and analyzed real time geothermal drilling data from known geothermal fields (Salton Sea, USA; Zunil and Amatitlan, Guatemala). This also included H2S and toxic gases training and monitoring. As a geothermal consultant, he has contributed to the development of, managed, and interpreted various datasets related to the geothermal applications, production and geothermal services producing successful reports and databases. He has produced over 35 geothermal articles for geothermal blogs included his own –  isleofrocks30.com –providing information on various aspects of geothermal development.   

Prior to working in the geothermal industry, Jason worked in gold and copper exploration; as a consultant working on environmental impact assessments; oil and gas exploration (field studies); hydrogeological studies; and as an adjunct lecture (courses included physical geology and hydrogeology).