Hon. Shawn K. Richards

Saint Kitts and Nevis
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Post & Urban Development

Hon. Shawn K. Richards, is a highly-driven and dedicated person which has been exhibited in his successes. After performing admirably at the Primary and Secondary levels, he gained his BA at the University of the Virgin Islands with specialization in Management and his Masters of Accountancy and Financial Information Systems at Cleveland State University. He is also a registered CPA with the State of Ohio and is currently pursuing a PHD in Creative Leadership

During his professional career, Min. Richards amassed a wealth of experience. With that, he gained the assurance and the technical expertise required for higher-level duties to be of service to the people of St Kitts and Nevis.

Entering politics in 2004, he won his seat and came to elected office. He successfully retained his seat until 2015 when he became a Minister of Government. As the current Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure, Post and Urban Development, Min. Richards  continues to make a vital contribution on a national scale.

Despite his demanding schedule, Deputy Prime Minister Richards has always made time to contribute to his community: He is

Beyond his monetary efforts,  Min. Richards is strongly invested in supporting the local arts and artistes, entrepreneurship and has an ongoing rapport and open door policy for our promising youth. He has performed as a mentor to several persons throughout the community and is especially mindful of the challenges they face daily, thereby encouraging them to echo his own involvement in education, religion and sports.

Min. Richards has persevered to attain a high degree of accomplishment throughout his life.  His youthful, forthright energy enables him to work twice as hard at embracing and conquering any challenges.