Hon. Kerryne Z. James

Government of Grenada
Minister of Climate Resilience, the Environment and Renewable Energy

Kerryne Zennelle James, an astute, composed, and motivated professional, embodies the epitome of proficiency and effectiveness in her undertakings. Her tenure in public service is marked by a significant and impactful contribution to her community and nation, driven by an unwavering commitment to diligence and meticulous attention to the minutiae. Her academic
pursuits have been focused on interdisciplinary studies, namely in Psychology, reflecting a broad
and integrative understanding of human behavior, societal dynamics, legal frameworks, and environmental stewardship.

In 2018, James became the youngest individual appointed to the Grenadian House of Senate and the Commonwealth of Nations. Her tenure was marked by vigorous advocacy for legislative reforms to enhance her constituents’ welfare and foster national development. Her pioneering efforts continued as she became the youngest elected member of the Grenadian Parliament, distinguishing herself as the sole female elected representative of the winning party.

As Minister for Climate Resilience, The Environment, and Renewable Energy, James applies her expansive knowledge of psychology, the social sciences, and geographical considerations to drive critical environmental initiatives. Her leadership is instrumental in promoting sustainable development, advancing renewable energy solutions, and shaping impactful environmental policies. This underscores a forward-thinking approach to governance, poised to make a lasting impact on both national and global stages.