Creating a Market for Hydrogen: Industrial Clusters

Co-locating production alongside infrastructure and potential end-users is a natural fit for hydrogen. We gathered leaders to explore the following topics at the 1st Hydrogen Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean (H2LAC 2021) in April:

  • Are we already seeing planning for this in Latin America and the Caribbean? If so, where and with what lessons learned?
  • What can we learn from global plans for hydrogen-powered industrial clusters? E.g. Canada and the UK?
  • What do we need to know about safety and storage?


  • Hans Kulenkampff, President, H2 Chile
  • David Layzell, Professor and Director | Energy Systems Architect, Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR) Initiative, University of Calgary | The Transition Accelerator
  • Roseane Medeiros, Executive Secretary of Industry, Government of Ceará, Brazil
  • Monica Swanson, Business Manager, New Business & Portfolio/International, Port of Rotterdam
  • Paola Carvajal Blanco, Senior Manager, Roland Berger (moderator)