Costa Rica looks to waste gasification to achieve sustainability goals

On its path to environmental sustainability, Costa Rica is now setting out to to solve its waste management problem. Total Waste Energy Solutions (T.E.W.S) has submitted a proposal to build the largest waste-to-energy gasification plant in Latin America. It will be unique in Latin America as the only solid waste energy park, which will include a 28 MW plant, scaled up to 96 MW, recycling center with energy production. Opposite to combustion, which uses an abundance of oxygen to produce heat and light by burning, gasification uses very little oxygen, combined with steam and intense pressure to set off a series of chemical reactions. They result in syngas (synthetic gas), a gaseous mixture composed mainly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Gasification is considered a form of a green technology as some byproducts of this process can be used as fertilizers, alternate sources of fuel and in other industrial processes. GBB – (Gershman, Brickner, Britton) will assist T.E.W.S in the presentation and planning of this waste-to-energy plant, along with selecting the technology and the operating company partner.