Costa Rica awards contract for microgrid project

CleanSpark has won a contract to serve as the technical consultant and microgrid control vendor for a large industrial park in Costa Rica.

This is CleanSpark’s first contract outside the United States. The company specialises in advanced engineering, software and controls for innovative energy resource and microgrid deployments. 

CleanSpark’s statement of purpose is to provide “clean, sustainable, and secure energy solutions” at competitive prices compared to utility grid operators.

“It’s refreshing to see local businesses committing to sustainability. Costa Rica, as a country has been a leader in renewable energy”, said CleanSpark’s Director of Analytics, Billy Gamboa. “The industrial sector has much to gain from microgrid solutions by way of cost avoidance, critical power support and improved power quality. We’re pleased mVSO has identified these opportunities, and we’re eager to deliver the benefits in the field.”