Cayman’s first solar project starts operations

The 5MW solar PV farm started operations in June, marking the first large solar farm for the Cayman Islands.  “This marks the beginning of our large scale renewable energy developments here in the Cayman Islands,” said Councilor of Human Resources, Immigration and Community affairs, Austin Harris, signaling the Government’s intention to move forward on its renewable energy goals.

“The destiny for the Cayman Islands to move away from diesel generated electricity and embracing all forms of renewable energy,” said Councilor Harris.

The Cayman solar farm is meant to provide power – enough for 800 homes – in Bodden Town. “From there it goes on to distribution circuits feeding Bodden Town, or if its not needed it goes onto our transmission system which takes electricity around the Island,” said President and CEO of CUC, Richard Hew.

CUC will pay 17 cents/kWh for energy produced at the solar project. The farm has over 20-thousand panels in 52 rows, producing 5 mega watts and costing over 4-million dollars.