Cayman will begin operations at 5MW solar facility this month

Grand Cayman’s power provider is just a few weeks away from officially opening Cayman’s first ever solar farm. Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) said in a statement today that it has started testing the facility in Bodden Town. Commissioned in partnership with solar project developer Entropy, the renewable energy 5MW facility is expected to generate enough electricity to feed into CUC’s grid and power over 800 homes. CUC officials said testing will take around two weeks and engineers hope that there will be no noticeable power interruptions.

“While we do not expect any interruptions in service during the commissioning process, it is possible that we may need to take local sections of the grid offline and unfortunately disrupt service for some customers during short periods of time,” said Vice President Customer Services and Technology, Sacha Tibbetts. “CUC will take all possible steps to ensure that power is not interrupted.”

Tibbetts continues, ““CUC has been pursuing utility scale renewable energy projects for many years now and we are pleased that after so many challenges and delays we are at the stage where energy flowing from this solar project is imminent.”