Cayman Islands government building fitted with solar PV

A carport on a Government Administration Building in George Town, Cayman Islands will be fitted with solar PV panels.

Bids for the structure are currently under review. The Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure has called for a solar installation which will generate 100 KW of electricity.

This installation, which should be finalised within six months of the bid award, is expected to meet up to 10% of the building’s electricity needs.

The 100 KW system, which will operate as part of the costumer-owned renewable energy programme (CORE), corresponds to the maximum electricity generation allowed by the Caribbean Utilities Company for a commercial.

This project is the first to be undertaken by the government under the CORE programme. Further projects are in the planning phase.

“In a case of leading by example, the government plans for installations of charging infrastructure at town halls, civic centres and other government buildings,” officials said.

These installations on government and public buildings are important to encourage the use of renewable energy programmes for customers and citizens, and will aid in meeting the country’s National Energy Policy targets of 70% of renewable energy generation by 2037.