Ricardo Case

Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. (JPS)
Director, Engineering Services

Rick Case has over 28 years in the electric utility industry and is currently the Director of Engineering Services at the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd where he has the awesome responsibility for “Engineering the Grid of the Future!” This includes the medium to long term grid planning, engineering and construction for the Transmission and Distribution systems, the Protection and Control Systems, the integration and interconnection of renewable energy projects, the engineering standards, metering and measurement accuracy, the high voltage testing and the development and deployment Geographical Information Systems (GIS) throughout the enterprise.

He was previously the Director of System Operations where he modernized grid management with the introduction of SMARTER GRID technologies improving situational awareness, real-time decision support and the response of the grid to maintain safety, security, reliability and economics as well as preparing the company for increased flexible operations.

He a is registered Professional Engineer, Project Management Professional and a technical consultant to various officers within the company and works as the director of System Restoration on the Central Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) for disaster management and grid restoration.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Power Systems (first class) from University of Technology, a Master of Science in Computer Based Management Information Systems (Hon.) from the University of the West Indies, an Executive Master of Science degree in the Management of Sporting Organizations (MEMOS) from the International Olympic Committee; professional certificates in Modern Energy Management Systems from Georgia Institute of

Technology and SMART GRID Modeling and Control for island Utilities from University of Hawaii, Manoa.