Glaister Cunningham

National Water Commission
Vice President, Investment & Performance Monitoring

Glaister Cunningham, originally from Montego Bay, studied Civil Engineering at the University of the West Indies, began his career as a consulting engineer in 1997. He went on to further his studies at Newcastle University in the UK where he earned a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering in 2002. Over the following six years his career evolved from engineering to construction project management. In the middle of that evolution, Glaister also pursued an Executive MBA from the Florida International University. In 2008, he joined the Inter-American Development Bank as a portfolio manager working with various government agencies to deliver programmes in the infrastructure and Institutional capacity of State Sectors. During his time at the Bank he also undertook special assignments working on projects in El Salvador and the Bahamas. Glaister recently joined the National Water Commission as the Vice President Investment & Performance Monitoring where he supports the areas of Public-Private Partnerships & Project Financing, Information & Communication Technologies, Business Process & Monitoring and the Project Management Office.