Dr. Peter Clarke

Water Resources Authority, Jamaica
Managing Director

Peter Clarke has been employed for the past 35 years within the construction sector of Jamaica, specifically in the area of water supply. He started his career in 1984 at Carib Engineering Corporation Ltd as an Engineering Surveyor, working on the Yallahs Pipeline Project to alleviate the water woes of capital city, Kingston. Subsequently, over a 22 year period as Project Manager on numerous water supply projects across Jamaica, he has been successfully responsible for the coordination of all aspects of work necessary for the construction of scores of water supply projects. Thereafter, the next ten years spent at the Rural Water Supply Ltd (RWSL), culminating as Engineering Manager, saw his involvement in the design, project financing, project implementation and construction of water supply projects, again for scores of towns and districts islandwide. In response to the WRA’s succession plan, Mr Clarke joined the team at the Water Resources Authority (WRA), in the capacity of Deputy Managing Director in 2016. As the Managing Director since 2019, he is directly responsible for leading the strategic aspects and implementing the plans and programs that support the corporate policy of the WRA. Over the years, Peter has received extensive training in Water & Environmental Management (UK), Waterworks Engineering (Jpn), Construction Engineering & Management (Jam), Project Management (UK), Natural Resource Management (Jam), and Water Sustainability & Climate (USA). Mr. Clarke is registered with the Professional Engineers Registration Board as an Environmental Engineer, and with the International Project Management Association as a Certified Project Management Associate. He is also a member of the St Andrew Justices of the Peace Association. His interests are gardening, swimming, motor-sports, sailing, astronomy, cycling and hiking.