Algernon Cargill

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation
Director, Department of Aviation

Algernon Cargill is the current Director of Aviation, with responsibility of the Aviation portfolio of the Minister of Tourism and Aviation. He is specifically charged with the responsibility to develop the Bahamas Family Islands Airport Infrastructure and there are 28 Airports within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
He holds an MBA degree with honours from the University of the Miami, with a specialization in International Business. His professional career to date encompasses Strategic Management, Banking and Finance and Sales and Marketing. Mr. Cargill spent 23 years with a large commercial bank, rising to the rank of General Manager of Branch Banking. This was followed by engagement with one of the international oil companies which extended his reach into the global market, including a multiyear assignment as Country Chairman and Legal Representative with Chevron Puerto Rico LLC, with responsibility for sales, service, marketing, risk management and financial performance for a regional district compromising Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Antigua, St Kitts, Dutch St Maarten, and French St Martin, as well as Dominica and St Lucia.

Mr. Cargill currently serves as the Deputy Chairman of the newly formed Disaster Reconstruction Authority and on the Board of the Insurance Commission of the Bahamas. He is also a former Director and CEO of the National Insurance Board of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

He has lectured in programmes at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, Trinidad, and Barbados, and at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in subject areas ranging from Strategic Management, International Business to Economics and Finance. He is currently an Adjunct Professor in the University of the Bahamas’ School of Business, Tourism and Hospitality Studies where he lectures in The Banking, Economics and Finance and Management Departments.

He is the President of the Bahamas Aquatics Federation and a Member of the Bureau of FINA, the global governing body for Aquatics Sports, representing the Central American and Caribbean Region.