Alfonso Guzman

K&M Advisors LLC

Mr. Alfonso Guzman, K&M’s President, has extensive experience with small-scale LNG supply analysis for island grid or commercial & industrial customers. In Aruba, he has served as Team Leader on numerous assignments to assist in the development of LNG-to-Power projects. For example, he is advising Aruba’s power utility (Water en Energiebedrijf Aruba N.V. – WEB) to develop a 200 MW LNG to power project. Mr. Guzman initially analyzed the business case for using LNG/gas instead of HFO and then directed the pre-FEED study for an LNG import terminal. Mr. Guzman is currently leading the teams that are managing a competitive process for selecting an ex-ship LNG supplier and performing FEED for the LNG import terminal. He is also advising the Cayman Utilities Company (CUC) on the development of an LNG import solution to supply natural gas to power generation units currently burning diesel. In West Africa he is advising the IFC and Gaslog on the development of an LNG import terminal in Freetown that will load LNG into small vessels to supply C&I demand clusters in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. In Central America, he led a team that developed, for the owner of an LNG import terminal, a detailed cost model for LNG distribution via LNG trucks and ISO containers (by land and by sea).