CARICOM Spotlights Energy: Caribbean Citizens Urged To Support Efforts


CARICOM Secretariat is moving to increase the participation of Caribbean citizens in new energy programs via planned Energy Month events. It is important for residents “to really understand the energy situation in the region and what is being done on the macro scale to provide the right size solutions,” said Dr. Devon Gardner, Programme Manager for Energy at CARICOM.

Themed “Sustainable Energy for Sustainable Development”, this month will include webinars, photo and art competitions, and a journalism competition aimed at getting people to think through energy issues. The opportunities for an ordinary civilian to participate in energy programs is much greater in this era than in previous ones and it is crucial that people are aware of projects being developed and for them to have greater awareness about energy matters overall. Dr. Gardner explains: “We live in an age where great participation in energy; energy investments and solutions are no longer top down… there are a lot of options available for small, individualized power generation systems …and in a cost-effective way.”