Caribbean Corporate Leaders

During the 2020 Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum in November, we gathered Caribbean corporate leaders to discuss the following topics:

Has Covid-19 impacted the way in which corporations think about energy supply for their businesses? Are utilities and governments doing enough to ensure the supply of low cost and reliable electricity to, in turn, ensure the long-term competitiveness of their businesses? Are Caribbean corporates more, or less, likely in today’s environment to move forward with investment in self-generation e.g. solar and storage solutions? Why haven’t more solar and storage businesses sprung up across the region? What needs to be done to foster a green workforce?


• Ian Chinapoo, Massy Group, Executive Director, Executive Vice President & Group Chief Financial Officer
• Daniel Diaz, Sunwing Travel Group, Executive Vice President
• Dominic Hadeed, Blue Waters Group, Managing Director
• Ralph (Bizzy) Williams, Williams Industries, Founder & Chairman
• Ray Klien, Republic Bank, Head of Investment Banking Division (moderator)