Bonaire adds smart battery energy storage system

Bonaire has added a new smart and battery-based energy storage system (BESS) to its power grid.

Contour Global worked closely with engineering, procurement and construction contractor Wärtsilä and its US-based Greensmith Energy subsidiary. The latter specializes in distributed battery energy storage system and development and integration. The company will incorporate a 6-megawatt lithium-ion BESS into its grid network, the capacity of which is based on 14-MW of engine-based and 11-MW of wind power generation.

Contour Global is an independent power producer tasked with safe, reliable and affordable energy. It has further plans to add 8MW of solar power generation.

“Energy demand is growing, and we were being forced to curtail wind generation in order to provide enough spinning-reserve capacity and avoid load shedding,” said Giorgio Narminio, chief operating officer for the Caribbean region. “With this new type of battery we’re able to increase wind power penetration and avoid curtailment.”

The island of Bonaire currently has a hybrid wind and fuel-based power grid, and has seen an increased grid reliability and resilience without seeing an increase in consumers’ energy bills.

The island aims to transition to 100% renewable energy.