BMR Energy new owner and operator of solar farm in Cayman Islands

BMR Energy, a member of the Virgin Group, announced it has bought and will subsequently take over operations for a 5MW solar plant in the Cayman Islands.

The company develops and operates clean energy projects in the Caribbean and in Latin America. BMR Energy also has projects in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guatemala and Jamaica.

BMR Energy purchased the PPA with Caribbean Utilities Company for the Bodden Town Solar Farm, the islands’ only utility-scale solar project.

“We are pleased to establish operations in the Cayman Islands and contribute to its transition to renewable energy,” said Bruce Levy, CEO of BMR Energy. “Our team is looking forward to driving facility operations to boost efficiency to deliver as much clean energy as we can for the community and [we] look forward to expanding our Cayman operations in the future.”

This partnership will support the Cayman Islands’ National Energy Policy target of generating 70% of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2037

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