Christopher Milley

Nexus Coastal Resource Management

Mr. Milley is a President of NEXUS Coastal Resource Management, a focused Marine Affairs Consultancy. He has over 30 years of experience in local, regional and international marine management projects with significant experience in the Caribbean. Mr. Milley has an intimate familiarity of the human and environment-related issues of coastal communities with a specific emphasis of the relationships between tradition, culture and local environment. He has significant experience with governments in Canada and the Caribbean in the planning and research that advance marine resource management policies and processes.

Chris has a depth of knowledge and experience working with local communities and regional organizations, particularly in identification of sustainable resource use practices, resource management, policy planning and governance. This experience includes working directly with community groups, industry representatives, national governments and regional intergovernmental organizations to assist them in the development of community, government and regional management plans that include social, economic and environmental considerations. Chris also possesses considerable experience in community and stakeholder-group facilitation and has been involved in a range of intergovernmental and inter-sectoral negotiations including the development of Caribbean-wide fisheries management organizations.

Mr. Milley is an Adjunct Professor in the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University where he has been teaching graduate courses in Contemporary Issues in Marine Affairs, Fisheries Management, Culture & Resource Management, Indigenous Rights-based in Resource Management, and Citizen & Community Engagement. He is currently a Co-Investigator with a Dalhousie University pan-Canadian collaborative research initiative on Western and Traditional Knowledge Systems in Fisheries Management and a multi-University program on Community Climate Change Adaptation. He is a participant on a US-led international experts’ roundtable on Climate Change, and a Delegate to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the UN Economic and Social Council.