Since Blue Economy Caribbean 2018, the surge in multilateral support and public and private interest has only grown. So, where do we go from here—and how do we get there quickly?

This accelerator-style conference is both informative and generative, combining panel discussion and presentations with workshop collaboration. We’ll look at innovations in policy, funding, technology, and industry, striving for achievable goals that lead to action.


  • Assess the progress of policies and projects in the last 12 months. What’s worked, what hasn’t, how can we do more?
  • Explore the potential for new financing strategies—e.g., blended finance, junior stock exchanges—to fund Blue Economy projects across the region
  • Analyze first movers in the market. How have countries like Barbados matched need and opportunity to policy and investment?
  • Map the region: spotlight policies, programs and projects on a country-by-country basis
  • Showcase successful project models. How were they structured? How were they financed? How can they be replicated?
  • Introduce new, viable maritime technologies to the Caribbean market
  • Match experienced investors with viable projects

Attendees include:

  • Caribbean government officials and policymakers
  • Industry and other private-sector leaders
  • Regional and international sources of private and development capital
  • Regional entrepreneurs in the Blue Economy
  • Blue tech providers
  • Representatives from Blue Economy industries, including fisheries, marine transport, and tourism
  • Specialists in related sciences

Engaging private-sector innovation and public-sector regulation, BEC 2019 will get everyone as far down the road as possible toward sound projects and programs that are well-funded and backed by sound policy.