The future of the Blue Economy in the Caribbean: From promise to projects

From our Editorial Team

To set the stage for Blue Economy Caribbean 2019 on October 15 in Miami, we gathered experts from the region to discuss the future for the Blue Economy in the Caribbean.

The webinar “The future of the Blue Economy in the Caribbean: from promise to projects” was held on September 17 at 11AM Eastern. To listen to this complimentary webinar now click here.

Webinar topics include:

  • How can we speed up the implementation of projects?
  • Policy: What is working, what isn’t, and how can we do more?
  • What financing strategies are the most promising?
  • Who’s making progress in the region, and how can it be replicated?


— Dr. Angus Friday, Executive Chairman, Atlantean Biosphere Program
— Nicole Leotaud, Executive Director, Caribbean Natural Resources Institute
— Dr. Justin Ram, Director of Economics, Caribbean Development Bank