BarberWind Turbines launches new weather resilient design

The innovative wind technology company BarberWind Turbines announced the launch of its BTW 800kW in Grand Cayman, at the Caribbean Transitional Energy Conference.

The turbine is designed to provide electricity to the distributed generation market, and is “especially interesting to Caribbean island nations”, said the company’s press release, due to its built-in lifting system and ability to be hinged down in case of severe weather. As the turbine is shipped on standard containers, no special transports or permits are required.

The GreenTech Group are already planning to use the BWT 800kW for projects in Grand Cayman and Antigua due to “the efficiency, the retractability, the durability, the ease of transport and the low cost maintenance” of the product, said the company’s founder and chairman, James Whittacker.

“We are thrilled to be able to reduce the islands’ dependence on diesel fuel systems”, said Tammy Barber, Owner and COO of the company. “This will be a way to improve the standard of living for people in the Caribbean and all over the world.”

The first market BWT 800kW is scheduled to be installed in Q4 2018.

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