Barbados phases out inefficient lighting in an effort to meet its renewable energy goals by 2030

In an effort to achieve its goal of becoming a 100 per cent renewable energy and carbon-neutral island-state by 2030, Barbados has began the first of five phases by prohibiting the importation of any electrical lamp which emits less than 15 lumens per watt. The objective of the phase-out process is to reduce the cost of energy in Barbados, increase energy security, and reduce the negative effects of energy consumption on the local market. Energy efficient lighting could potentially save between BDS $16.8 million and BDS $30.8 million annually depending on crude oil prices. Solutions such as this phase-out are low-cost and easy to implement, energy-efficient lighting technologies are among the most viable energy-efficient interventions available and have the shortest payback periods.

Source: Barbados Loop News