50MW geothermal project in Chile expected in 2024

The geothermal project ‘Mariposa’ in Chile’s Maule region is expected to enter into service in 2024. Energy output from the geothermal plant will be incorporated into the national grid.

The 50MW project is a joint venture led by the Energy Development Corporation and Alterra, two established companies in the renewable energy field.

A further 50MW is expected to enter into commission by 2025 said Joshua Carvacho Villanueva, Business Development Manager of Energy Development Corporation.

Two years ago, the Ministry of Energy, with sponsorship from the World Bank, developed an information tool for geothermal projects. This public-private entity aimed at understanding the barriers and possible benefits of the development of geothermal energy in the country. Today, companies that are part of Chile’s Geothermal Council expect to make investments in the sector totaling over USD 1200 million.

“The economically exploitable potential of geothermal energy for the country is estimated at 3,500 MW, which would constitute 20% of the world’s geothermal energy generation”, added Mr. Carvacho Villanueva. 

The Mariposa project aims to continue providing Chile with its own stable and clean energy, to support its aim of reaching a 100% renewable energy production.