3rd Annual CREF Industry Awards

The 3rd annual CREF Industry Awards will recognize excellence in clean energy innovation and project execution across the region. The Awards will be announced at the 11th Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF 2019) which will take place in Miami from October 16 – 18.

CREF Industry Awards will be given across the following categories: Utility-Scale Wind, Utility-Scale Solar, Energy Storage Project, Grid Innovation Project, Microgrid, Energy Efficiency Project, E-mobility Project/Program, Distributed Generation – C&I Project, Project Addressing Social and Environmental Impacts, Best Financing, and Energy Leadership MVP.

Industry awards will be judged across a series of criteria, including innovative approaches to development, value to investors and customers, and social and environmental impact.

Submission deadline was September 12, 2019. Please contact Julie Taylor at jtaylor@newenergyevents.com for further information.

CREF 2018 Award Winners:

CREF 2018 Industry Award Winners Announced!