10MW battery storage system to be built in French Guiana

Voltalia has announced the construction of Mana Stockage on French Guiana, a battery storage system with a projected total installed capacity of 10MW.

Mana Stockage will represent 90% of the island’s storage capacity, according to the company’s press release.

The project was awarded after the French Commission for Energy Regulation call for projects in 2018.

Voltalia is an international player in renewable energies. The company produces and distributes electricity from renewable sources, and has a total capacity of 912 MW either in operation or construction. The company designed the battery storage project, and will manage its construction and maintenance.

The battery system will be connected to a solar plant, and will serve the dual functions of regulating the frequency of the network, by stabilising the grid’s frequency, and managing daily arbitrage by storing electricity produced and releasing it when necessary. This project will enable to decrease the cost of electricity.

“With the drop in batteries prices, but also in the cost of other storage technologies, the sector will experience a fast and sustainable growth”, said Voltalia CEO Sébastien Clerc.