Tesla has 11,000 energy storage projects underway in Puerto Rico

After having completed hundreds of energy storage project on the islands in the last few months, Tesla CEO Elon Musk now says that they have ‘about 11,000’ energy storage projects underway in Puerto Rico, which means something big is in the work. This follows Musk’s announcement from May that Tesla installed batteries at 662 locations in Puerto Rico. The focus has been on critical services, including a sewer treatment plant, a water pumping station, and hospitals. For a single market to be running 11,000 projects “sounds like it’s only the beginning as Musk says that there are about 20 times more projects underway in Puerto Rico”, reports Elektrek. Tesla has yet to provide comment. Elektrek suggests energy storage projects at this scale are likely “a massive virtual power plant made out of Powerwalls at homes all around Puerto Rico. Elektrek continues, “Tesla appears to have been focusing on this strategy of having decentralized energy storage systems at the end users, which secure power for them, but also using some of that energy storage capacity for grid services, which can result in a more stable grid.”