Suriname announces LED streetlight program, to be funded with $30m CDB loan

Suriname will embark on a project to replace its existing high pressure sodium streetlights with high efficiency light-emitting diode (LED) systems. The replacement of the approximately 40,000 streetlights is expected to reduce energy consumption and costs as well as associated greenhouse gas emissions. The Caribbean Development BAnk (CDB) approved a $30m loan to fund the project. Utility company, Energie Bedrijven Suriname (EBS) will lead the project, which also will include the establishment of an advanced metering system, including the installation of 21,000 smart electricity meters. This will improve EBS’ operational efficiency, as the smart meters will improve the reliability of consumption readings, and enable remote diagnostics, reducing the response time for failures. There will also be a Climate Risk Screening component, which includes an assessment of the vulnerability of EBS’ power sector infrastructure and recommendations to increase its resilience. The CDB loan includes USD18.6 mn from the European Investment Bank Climate Action Line of Credit (CALC) with CDB. Additional funding of USD3.4 mn will be provided by EBS.