Support CARILEC’s Recovery and Restoration Efforts in the Caribbean

From our Editorial Team

Updated September 19th 2017
We would like to extend our sincerest sympathies to those impacted by Hurricane Irma, and to those currently being impacted by Hurricane Maria. Our thoughts are with you.
In light of incredibly difficult conditions in the Caribbean, we want to share how CARILEC is supporting regional recovery and restoration efforts:

CARILEC is fundraising to assist utility linemen as they travel and work in difficult conditions in neighboring islands. We are supporting that effort. Donate here.

CARILEC, through their Disaster Response program, has moved swiftly to coordinate the regional utility response in the aftermath of Irma and will continue to do so in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

CARILEC is fund-raising to support utility linemen as they travel to and work in extremely difficult conditions. We think this is a vital cause and will be supporting that fund-raising effort.

If you would like to make a direct donation to CARILEC you can do so here:

Alternatively, if you plan to attend CREF this year – Miami is open for business and we are moving ahead as planned – we have put in place an optional donation to CARILEC as part of the registration process. We will match any donation up to US$50.00 per person.

The Caribbean will rebuild stronger and more resilient. As we look further out, let’s make sure that climate finance flows into the Caribbean to support the construction of resilient infrastructure. In the short-term, let’s make sure we support those doing vital recovery and restoration work in the region.