Successful start for Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project

A press release from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) announced that a mission from the World Bank for the Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project (CROP) arrived at St. Lucia, and has positively reviewed the state of the project.

The mission’s aims included assessing the progress towards achieving the Project Development Objectives, and analysing the procurement and financial management performance.

Overall, the project was deemed to be progressing well, as Co-Team Leader of the Project and Environmental Specialist, Ms. Sylvia Michele Diez said the “first steps in terms of managing the ocean in an integrated way” had been taken.

The project, led by OECS Member States and funded by the World Bank’s Global Environmental Facility, has the long-term goals to strengthen ocean governance, provide analytical tools for better decision-making relating to the Blue Economy, and widening stakeholder participation and citizen engagement.