St. Lucian minister calls for increased resiliency of public infrastructure

Following a tour of the island after Hurricane Irma, St. Lucia’s Economic Development, Housing, and Transport minister, Guy Joseph, issues a call to revisit building codes for public infrastructure. “I think that in Saint Lucia, me for example, as Minister of Housing, if we are going to be engaged in the construction of public housing, what is the minimum code that we are going to accept?”, asked Joseph. He advocates “going back to the drawing board” when considering construction of buildings on the island. St. Lucia was not in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, and Joseph sees this as a learning opportunity. He noted that damage would have been much worse if a Category 5 Hurricane had passed through the island, “I was able to drive through Anguilla and Tortola, especially, and be able to have a full assessment, and be able to see a lot of things that could have been done differently as a country to allow us to be better prepared.”