St Kitts & Nevis receives EU support and financing for renewable energy sector

St Kitts and Nevis have signed a Sector Budget Support Programme with the European Union to support the islands’ aim of energy self-sufficiency based on local renewable energy sources.

The three-year programme will use its budget of 5 million euros to facilitate the integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies amongst public facilities. It will also support private sector development and participation in the renewable energy sector through the development of specific economic investments and energy reforms promoting sound and sustainable business opportunities.

The importance of strengthening St Kitts and Nevis’ resilience, both within the energy and water sectors was emphasised. This would enable the population to access basic needs of water and electricity, even when it receives external shocks such as hurricanes.

St Kitts and Nevis continues towards a bath of energy resiliency and low-carbon transition, with an economy which is less and less reliant on price-volatile fossil fuels.