Solar warehouse opens in Puerto Rico

After two decades in Puerto Rico, solar company altE is now operating a local warehouse in Puerto Rico in an effort to reduce the time to deliver solar equipment to island residents and solar installers from weeks to sometimes only hours. The warehouse facility on the island allows altE to handle the shipping logistics and customs paperwork—exponentially increasing the speed of solar equipment delivery. “Immediately after Maria we started getting calls about shipping battery backup for solar systems to the island,” said Sascha Deri, CEO of altE. “But it was painful to see our customers wait so long as shipments were delayed before arriving to port due to the backlogs created by natural disaster. So it just made sense for us to start warehousing equipment on the island to streamline the process for locals. Our facility in Puerto Rico reduced delivery times of solar components to island residents from weeks to days or even hours.” altE is also stocking solar deep cycle batteries that work seamlessly with the pre-packaged battery backup kits at the Puerto Rican facility.