RMI and Bermuda sign MOU for energy transformation project

The Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent and world-leading energy advisor, and the Government of Bermuda have signed an agreement for two proposals which will launch the Energy Transition Project in Bermuda.

The initiative aims to modernise the transportation and energy sectors on the island, providing cleaner alternatives and reducing costs for citizens.

The first arm of the initiative is to lay the groundwork for a “full transition of the transportation sector to electric vehicles”, said RMI’s press release. The second project will focus on building a resilient grid, identifying and prioritising renewable energy projects.

“We look forward to working with the Government of Bermuda on this monumental project, and we commend our partners for not only focusing on long-term energy planning, but also for taking steps to transition to a more reliable, cleaner and more efficient public transportation system,” said Justin Locke, islands program lead at RMI.

Bermuda’s Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Walter H. Roban, added that his government was encouraged by “the possibilities that lie ahead”.