Private sector in Panama issues call for integration of renewable energies

The Society for Engineers and Architects of Panama (SPIA) called for the Panamanian government to further promote the use of clean renewable energies.

The importance of the integration of solar and wind energies in building and development projects was argued during the XVI International Congress for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Industry.  The theme of the conference, “Efficient systems and clean energy”, provided a platform for the public and private sector to come together and discuss developments and potential policies in the sector. The consensus was that, in order to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development, a diversification of the country’s energy mix is essential.

The president of SPIA, Mr. Gustavo Bernal, said future building and development projects across the country should include the generation of solar and wind energy, and be implemented in parallel with better efficiency systems.

This push from the private sector comes after the National Authority for Public Services announced its abandonment of a charge for consumers generating electricity from renewable sources for self-consumption after the public outcry and strong resistance it received from industry leaders and consumers.