PR-GRID is designed to attract high-quality international investors and vendors as part of a unified plan for grid revitalization.

New Energy Events, organizers of the largest annual gathering of the Caribbean energy market (CREF), and the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association, PR’s largest industrial association, have joined forces to launch PR-GRID. This event will, for the first time since Hurricane Maria, bring together local and international stakeholders to explore a roadmap for financing and building a resilient, economically viable electrical grid in Puerto Rico.

There is no shortage of capital and solutions for the rebuilding and revitalization of the Puerto Rican grid. Many investors, however, are still searching for a broad understanding of Puerto Rico’s needs, for clarity on the prevailing policy and regulatory environment, and for insight into the relationships between the various agencies managing grid reconstruction.

PR-GRID is designed to channel that enthusiasm, generate transparency around the need and the opportunity, and, conversely, provide Puerto Rican leadership with a marketplace through which to explore potential partners and offerings.

About PRMA/Industriales Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association is a non-profit organization established in 1928 with the purpose of uniting all Puerto Rico’s manufacturers and service industries into a strong and effective body in order to further their mutual interests as they relate to the private and public sectors of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Today, PRMA is by far the biggest private association of industry leaders representing the interests of the private sector in Puerto Rico.

PR-GRID Objectives

  • Present a clear picture of the current status of generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure
  • Demonstrate alignment among Puerto Rico’s key energy stakeholders on an optimal roadmap for the future of the electric grid, and one that enables constructive discussions with investors/solution providers on possible approaches to achieve this roadmap
  • Explore the implications of the privatization of Puerto Rico for the future of the grid, and for investors
  • Get a complete picture of the regulatory environment (e.g., explore the significance of the recent PRMA-proposed rules around microgrids)
  • Provide clear insight for international investors into the matrix of Puerto Rican and federal agencies and where the decision-making lies
  • Provide Puerto Rican authorities with qualitative insight into the spectrum of services and investors willing and able to engage in PR
  • Support institutional planning around procurement and reconstruction
  • Maintain interest in supporting and funding PR revitalization efforts after the news cycle has moved on
  • Create a marketplace for investment/solutions/products for Puerto Rican municipal and industrial leaders, as well as international providers of capital and technology