Power plant in Guadeloupe to convert from coal to biomass

The French island of Guadeloupe has announced plans to convert a coal-fired power plant to a biomass plant.

The draft Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was approved between the facility, the Albioma Caraïbes plant, and the French energy regulator (CRE).

Albioma, an independent renewable energy producer focused on biomass and photovoltaics,  operates the plant. The power plant has an installed capacity of 34MW and generates enough electricity annually to meet 15% of the island’s power consumption.

CRE welcomed the move, saying the conversion of the plant from coal to biomass is an important step in reducing Guadeloupe’s use of coal. Once the power plant switches to biomass and comes into operation, the renewable energy mix of the island will increase by over 14% to an estimated 35%.