Potential for geothermal in Chile’s Magallan region

A recent international seminar has highlighted the potential for geothermal energy production in Chile’s Magallan region.

With more than 1800 craters in the Pali Aike sector and remnants of thermal sources in the Skyring Seno, this volcanic region has clear geographical advantages for the generation of electricity through geothermal power.

These findings were presented at Chiles’s first International Seminar on Geothermal and District Heating. 

“We are noticing that the sum of wills begins to bear fruit and strengthen the joint work, with the main objective of improving the quality of life of all Chileans”, said the Regional Secretary Minister for Magallan’s Energy, Natalia Easton. “Along with this, we take a step further in the task of protecting the planet and the region, diversifying our energy matrix, making it more sustainable through the use of geothermal resources.”